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Teroid ASP Record Selector  v.1.0

Teroid ASP Record Selector is an ASP .NET control listing data from a column of an ADO .NET source, enabling users to select a record. When the users clicks a link an event is raised which can be used to open a page containing the whole record.

MSN Color Selector  v.

MSN Color Selector allows for the selection of a different font color for messages sent in Messenger conversations other than the default 16 colors. You can select from over 16 million different colors and hues. It also supports both Messenger 4 & 5!

Color Selector  v.3.01.2

Color Selector is a simple and easy-to-use instrument that lets you find out the RGB and some other important details about a certain color. It's a great tool for webdesigners and it also has some other interesting features.

SharePoint Column Protector 2010  v.

SharePoint Column Protector 2010 is an utiltity which helps SharePoint admins to extend security management capabilities. By default, Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010/Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 allows you to manage permissions at the level

Selector of DICOM Studies  v.1.0

Selector of DICOM Studies is a Java based server-client software designed to help you access DCM4CHEE Dicom images using WADO.

Data Source Selector  v.1.1

Teroid Data Source Selector is a .NET component providing a quick and easy way to open the OLE DB Data Link Properties dialog without complex interop programming. Just one method call opens the dialog for the user to select a data source, and returns ...

Sort Text Lists Alphabetically, CSV Files, by Column or Ascending or Descending Order Software  v.2.0

Sort text lists alphabetically and easily using this software! Using this sorting software, you can: * Sort lists in ascending or descending order * Specify which column is the sortable column that you wish to sort by * Sort numeric

CBN Selector  v.

Use CBN Selector to re-color your images. Visualize any color applied to your photos with shocking realism! Fun and powerful tool for seeing how different color options look on your walls, clothing, autos and more. Your imagination is the only limit!

Automatic channel selector  v.1.0

Automatic channel selector for IEEE 802.11 a/b/g modes using Wireless

IL-2 Selector  v.02

The IL-2 Selector is a tool which enhances the memory management of the game "IL-2 Sturmovik 1946". The game is written in Java, running on a J2SE 1.3.1 JVM. The standard setting utilizes less than 128MB RAM only, which was fine when the game was

Scenario Data Selector  v.0.1.2

The Scenario Data Selector is a Perl script that serves up scenario data on the web. Users can browse data and choose to show by value or as growth rates or indices. Data can be shown by region or indicator - the script takes care of regional

Obscured jQuery Selector Plug-in  v.1.0

A simple jQuery plug-in that adds a selector to determine if an element is visible, but partially or completely hidden by an ancestor element.

Multi-column firefox extension  v.1.0

Firefox extension to apply Mozilla's implementation of draft CSS3 Multi-column layout (-moz-column-count) to selected portions of sites chosen by user

Order Switchable Column Table (OSCT)  v.1.0

Order Switchable Column Table (OSCT) is a framework of tab-delmited format in molecular biology. OSCT, developed in RIKEN OSC, provide a general framework to capture meta-data (such as input file, protocol, parameters, etc) as well as the data itself.

Tattoo Design Gallery Selector  v.1.01

Tattoo Gallery Selector picks tattoo design sites that match your need

SQL Column Search  v.1.1

Byrd Island Production Inc.

FavesSoft - Selector  v.

Open other programs with Selected Text or Clipboard Text as parameter

Right Click File Selector  v.1.0

Right Click File Selector is designed for HTPC using a keyboard with track ball or joystick.

Debugger Selector  v.1.12

Select the best tool to process an unhandled application exception without modifying the Windows registry.

ITS (iTunes Track Selector) for Mac OS  v.1.1

A simple Automator program which checks every 10 seconds which song is currently playing in iTunes and selects the track. What is it good for, you may ask. If you like the new Genius bar in iTunes 8 you have always to select a track to see the

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